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Anti-perspirant deodorants and your health

Now that it’s summertime many of us might start thinking about wearing deodorants more often to compensate for the unclean feeling we feel when we sweat. However, how safe are these products? The European Union has strict regulations for allowing or not cosmetics to be used in the continent. However, there is this scare over the internet that anti-perspirant deodorants containing aluminum and zirconium could lead to health problems such as sensitive skin and breast cancer.

In the UK there are many brands of deodorants that have these ingredients. Before you buy your next deodorant bottle, you might want to check whether your usual brand contains one or both of those ingredients. At the moment, there is not enough research to prove that these ingredients might be very harmful to the body. However, people should use their own judgement and be aware that these ingredients might be factors that might lead to health problems in the future.

If you do not want to risk it, there are alternatives to anti-perspirant deodorants. However, the problem is they might not be as effective to remove or cancel out the smell as anti-perspirant. In any case, the choices range from deodorants without aluminium or zirconium to home remedies such as baking soda and lemon. Another alternative could be applying baby powder. These remedies also work for people with very sensitive skin.

Inasmuch as there is not enough evidence to say whether these products are indeed harmful, it may be best to use anti-perspirant deodorants sporadically maybe just for events or gatherings. This might prevent worrying about the issue. It might also help our body to not get used to a product that, in the end, does contain loads of many different chemicals.

Feel free to read more about this subject if you are still concerned.