November, 2014

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Acne Update

Well, just about everything is bad for us these days, dairy, carbs, gluten, meat, bread, you name it. For me it will always go back to the same thing: moderation. Unless I have a particularly bad reaction to a food or drink, everything in small amounts is ok. Enjoy food but nothing in excess! It’s not that easy for acne sufferers. It is impossible to know what causes this difficult skin condition. It’s not about dirty skin and poor hygiene so it’s got to be down to diet on some level. In some cases, where creams or tablets haven’t worked especially, maybe diet should really be given a good overhaul. It’s a huge point of interest at the moment for health professionals who deal with this mysterious condition.

The hormones in dairy are said to have an effect on hormones that produce spots and pimples. Sugar, as always, takes a lot of the blame as it causes inflammation, which is exactly the kind of condition acne is. Even the milk substitute for many, Soya, is said to be responsible for acne in those who suffer with break outs around the mouth and jawline. Watch those veggie chinese take-outs! Coffee, bread, coconut oil, and peanuts are also on the list and these seem like to me, the less offensive foods in the human diet. I suppose, sugar is mostly found in processed food products and avoiding stimulants like coffee is always good. With certain oils and peanuts for example, a skin intolerance to these foods will be on a person by person basis but it might not be a bad idea to leave these foods out of the diet and watch how the skin responds in turn. Foods can be slowly reintroduced into the diet while the skin observed carefully over a period of time. If the skin starts reacting again, this food is obviously not for you.

This diet examination requires patience and consistency but it will pay off to see what contributes to your acne breakouts where topical treatments and tablets have failed to heal. Some medications are strong and the side effects can be pretty serious. Looking at the diet before starting an oral tablet is also recommended.

To read more on dietary choices on acne, please see this website.